The Sit Well Method

Programs for:

The Crooked Rider, Tipping Forwards, Rounded Shoulders, Swinging Legs, Heels Grip Up and more

Sit Well Method is the place where I share what I have learnt over the last 20 years from helping many different riders with their seat and riding through corrective exercises for their posture and movement.

As a subscriber to the Sit Well Method you will get full access to the whole video library of exercises and riding tips. You can join our weekly zoom Posture and Movement class every Thursday. You need to begin with the Progress Tests which are assessments to show you which areas you could do with working on. You will then know which exercises are going to help you the most and you’ll want to work on these for 12 weeks. I am always on hand for guidance and support but you will find the videos are super informative, clearly explaining how to do each exercise well and why you’re doing it. This isn’t just another regular fitness workout, these are low impact, corrective, therapeutic exercises to help you move and feel better. After several weeks you can reassess yourself to measure your progress, you will already be noticing the difference when you ride! Subscribe now


There are ‘Shorts’ programs which are sessions of around 20 minutes, so perfect for the busy equestrian!


Not sure which program is for you? Send me a short video of you riding and I’ll point you in the direction of the program I think will help you the most. There is also a members only Facebook Group where you can post questions and get feedback from myself and other members.

liana is an experienced horse rider and teacher
the sit well method mobility exercises

What do you get?

  • Full access to the video library with well explained corrective exercises for each specific positional fault. Tried and tested exercises that I know work for riders.
  • Ongoing improvement and development programs for your whole body.
  • Log onto Zoom every Thursday at 7pm to join our weekly Posture and Movement session.
  • Riding tips and stuff to try in the saddle.
  • Support and motivation through the Facebook group. A place to ask questions and get continued support from myself and other members. Here you can post requests for what you would like to see more of in the content.
  • Minimum joining period of 3 months.

Improve your riding position

Start now with our off the horse exercises for…


  • Crooked riders
  • Anterior pelvic tilt
  • Swinging Legs
  • Tipping forwards
  • Heels gripping up
  • Wobbly hands, bad contact
  • A balanced independent seat
  • Lack of core strength
  • A strong, flexible, pain free body
  • Good posture both in and out of the saddle
  • Equestrian riding tips and exercises to think about when you’re riding

Equipment List

Equipment list is as follows

  • Exercise Mat
  • Foam Roller
  • Gym Ball
  • Tennis ball/ release ball
  • Mini bands
  • Monster bands
  • Weights

The Sit Well Method

Move Well

Move Well

This is not just another rider fitness program. These specialised programs help you ride and move with better posture both in the saddle and in every day life.
Ride Well

Ride Well

Reach your full potential. Enjoy spending time doing the things that you love in the places that you love.
Feel Well

Feel Well

The exercises are a combination of releases, stretches and activations to correct muscular imbalances and asymmetries in the body which lead to dysfunctional movement and eventually pain.


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